In 1975 Sao Paulo, a journalist turns himself in for questioning to the police — and is never heard from again.


A stray puppy suddenly appears to brighten up a lonely boy’s world.

Play Date

A girl befriends a homeless woman who was once a renowned chef.

Little Questions

The calamities of war are investigated by a seven-year-old documentarian.


After dying from a heart attack, an everyman tries to make sense of his hedonistic afterlife.


Convinced his dad is a spy, Luke embarks on a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth.

All You Do is Shag

A humorous look at relationships — and people who are never satisfied

Man Under

One subway operator shares his journey to get his life back on track after a woman used his train for her suicide.


When a woman names former partners in her phone by sexual attributes, her current boyfriend is not pleased.