Play Date

A girl befriends a homeless woman who was once a renowned chef.

Little Questions

The calamities of war are investigated by a seven-year-old documentarian.

Three Dalmatians

Three single women attempt to steal the attention of hot, new police officers who have recently come to town.

The First Session

Two women make a chance meeting in a therapsist office into one of the most interesting first dates ever.

The Ring Thing

On holiday with her boyfriend, a woman finds an engagement ring seemingly discarded by another woman.

Warning Labels

Two workers for the CDC meet for drinks, only to discover that love is the most hazardous substance of all.

Moving On

What happens when you wake up to the news you need to move on — and move out at the same time?

Letter to God

On learning that he’s going to die, a man decides to write a letter to God.

Oh Lucy!

Scammed by her niece and English teacher, a lonely woman learns to come into her own.