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Break a Leg, Rosie

Genre: Drama  |  Director: Tara Hungerford
Length: 11 mins  |  Country of Origin: Canada

Break a Leg, Rosie tells the story of a young woman (Carly Pope) who is driven by her passion to dance and her ‘joie de vivre.’ She is inspired by the sounds and rhythms of the world around her and this resonates in her every move. She is anxious to get to work because she has been promoted from dishwasher to waitress. After an unfortunate mishap within the first few minutes of her shift, Rosie is demoted back to the dish pit until fate has it that she is given another chance. She is overwhelmed by the job, and instead of serving them food, she delivers them an incredible performance.The film stars Carly Pope, Ian Tracey and features music from Juno Award winning singer/songwriter Feist.

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Break a Leg, Rosie from Two Story Productions Inc. on Vimeo.