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Cabin Thing

Genre: Musical  |  Director: Mike Gordon
Length: 7 mins  |  Country of Origin: USA

In highschool I built a cabin in the woods. And with the help of my girlfriend, I also made a scale model, and filmed it’s construction. Materials were assembled at varying rates, with the idea of making music to that rhythm. Decades later the cabin’s burnt down, the girlfriend’s gone, and it’s time to write that music. After much math, I composed music for bass and flute, and edited the film together. First you see a girl gazing, and sense there’s a mission. When a good spot is found in the woods and a shrub is pulled, we morph to animation mode. The special moment for me is when the model becomes the real cabin, and you see a project come to fruition.

Watch the Full Film

Cabin Thing from Mike Gordon on Vimeo.