Man Under

One subway operator shares his journey to get his life back on track after a woman used his train for her suicide.


When a woman names former partners in her phone by sexual attributes, her current boyfriend is not pleased.

Barrio Boy

A Latino barber secretly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a haircut

Super Pimp

Known for his flashy suits and outgoing demeanor, Super Pimp is the king of the Cleveland.

Three Dalmatians

Three single women attempt to steal the attention of hot, new police officers who have recently come to town.

We Have to Talk

A couple meets in a cafe to discuss their relationship, only for one to realize it is not what he expected.

Little Brother

Antoine, a troubled teen, spends one last day goofing around with his wordly Big Brother.

Madam Black

After a photographer kills a pet cat, he creates a series of elaborate stories to cover it up.