Citizen Day

After missing Citizen Day training, a French teen encounters what is means to be a part of the national identity.

Warning Labels

Two workers for the CDC meet for drinks, only to discover that love is the most hazardous substance of all.

1st Squad, 3rd Platoon

A marine suffering from survivor’s guilt finds a reason to not let the trauma ruin his life.

Timmy II

A robot with an identity crisis undergoes plastic surgery, only to discover that it makes his life even worse.

Moving On

What happens when you wake up to the news you need to move on — and move out at the same time?

Big Boy

Dustin finally gets the chance to prove himself a big boy by using the rest stop on his own.

A Last Farewell

A man comes to terms with the loss of his husband and the legacy they left behind


Walking through an empty airport, a man tries to find another person to connect with.

Letter to God

On learning that he’s going to die, a man decides to write a letter to God.