At a school reunion, our socially awkward hero must win the girl of his Middle School dreams through a balloon battle with his old bully and school nemesis.

Johnny Express

Johnny, a space delivery courier, is traveling through space to deliver a package. His ship soon arrives on a very small planet where he needs to deliver the package. The package is so small that he has to look through a magnifying glass to see it. Johnny walks around the planet, looking for the recipient. However, he can’t see anyone or anything.


A man returning from a business trip saves a teenage girl from drowning. She disappears a few moments later, leaving the man quite shaken. His girlfriend tries to cheer him up, but she disappears too, when the teenage girl suddenly comes back.

Just A Song

A songwriter shares his new song with his girlfriend and things get a little weird.

Aqua Profonda

After encountering a frog at a swimming pool, a young boy reflects on his life growing up on opposite coasts of Australia and his fear of the creatures that lurk in the deep end.


Camrex House is a notorious homeless hostel that for 40 years has upheld a fearsome reputation. Its skewed, in-house morality perpetuated by men with complex histories. Based on interviews with hostel residents, CAMREX constructs a series of unflinchingly visceral sequences that reveal a hidden world of untold stories.


The shapes we make – an advertisement for planet Earth.

Sebastian and Them

Based on true events. Sebastian has to leave his childhood friends behind. The only problem is they don’t want to leave him.


Anna is always back-packing and doesn’t return to France often. Discovering a lump in her breast, she goes to a gynecologist who tells her that it is worrying. For Anna, it’s the moment to return in Corsica, to face her history, her inheritance, her father.

A Six and Two Threes

A short film about two boys from different sides of the tracks who meet when one goes in search of his real father.