Maggie must find the courage to own up to her behavior when she wakes to find every adult has received a YELP-like star rating floating over their head.

Modern Love

With the help of a blind dating app, a lonely routine guy falls in love online.

Life Smartphone

While everyone stays deeply immersed in their screens, a domino effect of disasters is occurring. Look up!


The lines between trust, betrayal and forgiveness become gray and intertwined as we follow Amadou and Yaya, two Senegalese vendors working in New York.

Frankie: Italian Roulette

The life and struggles of Frankie Tramonto, an Italian immigrant who comes to New York City to pursue the American dream.

El Coyote

A human smuggler (also know as a coyote) describes his process and the mechanics of slipping between the Mexico and U.S. border.


An undocumented Mexican housemaid works for a spoiled family in exchange for their support with her green card application.

Boat People

On his journey from Somalia to Europe, shipwrecked Moussa is picked up by a wealthy couple on their luxurious catamaran.


8-year-old Miko has attracted the attention of little Zombriella who follows the boy doggedly.