I Like Apples

Puppets sings the praise of this versatile fruit.


Setting out to find lunch, a tree frog quickly learns that the hunter sometimes becomes the hunted.

Brad & Gary

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, BUT you can’t pick your friend’s nose.


Following the unexpected and tragic death of her mother, a young girl, Lily, attempts to fight against her oppressive home life by delving deep into a self created fantasy.

And So Do I

A man lost his wife while she was giving birth to his little girl. The trauma, even after 10 years, still causes him hallucinations. In his own bubble, he imagines his wife is still with him.

The Driving Seat

One Saturday morning, a middle aged couple couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway, only to find it has the opposite effect.

Glass House

Family man Jens realizes he isn’t happy and tries to choose a suitable time to spill the beans, in this black comedy with a taste of salty duck breast.


Dylan’s nightmares are becoming more real. He’s got to get away or he might not wake up. Jenny is all he lives for and he’ll do anything for them to escape.

Rhonna and Donna

How are you supposed to act when you are conjoined at the hip?


Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years; Mordechai’s ‘life choices’ were a bit too much for the family to handle. But today is the day of their father’s funeral