Ever wonder what magical things happen under your Christmas Tree?


Two aliens try to work out their differences to fix their crashed UFO only to fall into an unexpected situation

Julian Dillon

A hippoplatypus discovers that the universe provides solutions to even the most challenging and surreal situations.

Otis V. Monster

Motivated by a modest reward, a hard luck lumberjack plots to capture Bigfoot.


A young boy chases his wayward kite to discover a magical place where kites fly free.

L’Amie De Zoe

Zoe lives in a green planet where everything is green…until her new red friend Maho arrives and changes her life.

Hot Dog

A dog yearns to join the fire department despite his not knowing what to do.


Setting out to find lunch, a tree frog quickly learns that the hunter sometimes becomes the hunted.

Brad & Gary

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, BUT you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

I Still Love You

A young couple that have recently ended their relationship are seeing the same therapist and are talking about each other. Is the relationship really over?