Eden Hostel

Hanging from the wall in one of the rooms at the Eden Hostel is a statuette of the Virgin Mary who narrates, from her peculiar point of view, the stories of the various guests who stayed there.

Penny From Heaven

Penny must save the souls of 1000 people before she can get her wings and become an angel.

Help I’m Trapped in a Movie

A man wakes up in his dream of becoming the star of a Hollywood blockbuster, but it quickly becomes a nightmare when he finds he can’t control the plot.

Love is a Sting

A struggling children’s book writer gains an unexpected house guest in the form of an ageing, hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel.

Split Ticket

In 1947, future Presidents John F. Kennedy (age 29) and Richard Nixon (age 34) travel together by train to Pennsylvania where they must make a fateful decision.

Lend a Hand for Love

Two timid people break free from their joyless lives to find love while their hands hands break free to elope in a love affair of their own.