Black, I Am (Negra Soy)

A beautiful and touching story of the Afro-Caribbean Garífuna people in Honduras, focusing on three women and a girl who tell of their aspirations, happiness, and being there for each other.

El Coyote

A human smuggler (also know as a coyote) describes his process and the mechanics of slipping between the Mexico and U.S. border.


An undocumented Mexican housemaid works for a spoiled family in exchange for their support with her green card application.

40th Anniversary

A couple’s anniversary turns into a competitive confessional.

The Holy Cave

Carlos enlists the help of his friend Juan to win Sofia, the girl of his dreams, away from Angel, the hottest guy in the high school.


A devoted maid for an upper class family has a special place in the heart of Daniel, the family’s six-year-old boy. But when tragedy strikes, she is reminded of her true place in the family.

Eden Hostel

Hanging from the wall in one of the rooms at the Eden Hostel is a statuette of the Virgin Mary who narrates, from her peculiar point of view, the stories of the various guests who stayed there.


Luna Magica, a professional Lucha Libre wrestling star in Mexico, dreams of becoming a world wrestling champion while fighting to make ends meet as a single mom in Mexico City.

Soy Cubana

The unique sound and story of “The Vocal Vidas,” a female acappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba.