The Wall

Fleeing their city, a grandmother and her grandson reach a tall, endless wall.


A Hemingway style portrait of a man and his relationship to the water. At the unexpected age of 86, Harry Davidson takes to the stage for the first time to advocate on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay.

I Used to be Famous

Two worlds collide on a bench in Peckham when Vince Denman, a has-been pop star trying to forge a comeback, meets Stevie, a talented young man who shows Vince the power and beauty of true music for the first time.

An Average Story

When Avi Cohen is told by the Central Bureau of Statistics that he is the most average man who ever lived, his life is turned upside down.

Poem to Go

Street poet Lynn Gentry writes poems on a typewriter for passers-by on a street corner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Goodbye Charm City

A mother must decide whether she wants to encourage capital punishment upon the man who murdered her son.