The Pharaohs

Mean girls in a nursing home expel a member because of declining health. She fights back and claims an unlikely victory.

The Outlook is Grim

With his job outsourced to technology, the expendable Grim Reaper deals with the corporate bureaucracy found in heaven.

The Off Season

Two women, the black sheep of the family, mourn private losses during their grandfather’s funeral.

Swipe Right

In a society where face to face communication has become a distant memory, two people attempt to forge a connection.

Patricia’s Independence

Patricia lives an independent lifestyle and refuses help from family members. When she is faced with a situation that is beyond her control, it takes a turn for the worse.

Double Tap

A woman suffers a crisis when she accidentally double taps on an image in her secret crush’s Instagram account.

The Son, The Father

A ten year old’s birthday surprise has unexpected consequences far into his future.

Silent Sentinel

On a night in 1917, Doris Stevens sneaks through a graveyard to meet with suffragist leader Alice Paul who is held in Washington’s District Prison.

Sermon by Committee

Moments before Jesus is to deliver the Sermon on the Mount, His disciples decide it needs a bit of a rewrite.

One Child Born

A Rwandan Tutsi farmer’s third child is coming. As he waits on his front porch for the midwife to do her work, his oldest son arrives home with the news that a Hutu mob is also coming.