In 1978, several NFL cheerleaders posed in Playboy magazine after receiving approval from team management. But when the issue hit newstands, cheerleaders were fired, the San Diego Chargettes were disbanded, and the story made it to newspaper headlines, talk shows, and TV news around the country.

Shadow Boxer (Skyggebokser)

Luna (8) lives alone with her mother, Isabella (32), a professional boxer. During an important match Isabella is badly hurt and ends up in a wheelchair Luna takes on the lonely fight to encourage her mother to believe in once again becoming the fighter and mother who Luna knows, loves and needs.

Round Trip (Sivuv)

A young girl becomes compromised after she accepts kindness from a stranger on a bus.

Period. End Of Sentence

The story of a quiet, profound revolution taking place for women in Northern India, where the stigma of menstruation limits their potential. Without sanitary products or proper education about their bodies, millions of girls end up missing school or dropping out entirely once they begin their periods. But in a modest room in a rural Indian village, local start to produce and sell thousands of pads to local women in an effort to improve feminine hygiene.

Black, I Am (Negra Soy)

A beautiful and touching story of the Afro-Caribbean Garífuna people in Honduras, focusing on three women and a girl who tell of their aspirations, happiness, and being there for each other.

Before Prison

Robyn Allen’s 20-year prison sentence for trafficking drugs is far more complicated than it appears. Abuse has plagued her family, and Robyn’s painful memories are just the tip of the iceberg.


Luna Magica, a professional Lucha Libre wrestling star in Mexico, dreams of becoming a world wrestling champion while fighting to make ends meet as a single mom in Mexico City.

The Real American

Fresh off-the-boat, Soviet exchange student Alya boldly faces off with cultural differences as she celebrates her 17th birthday in 1994.


While Sonia and Hicham prepare for their wedding celebrations, they seem to be hiding a secret about their relationship in conservative Moroccan society.

Beat Around the Bush

A 75-year-old widow with Alzheimer’s decides it’s time to have her very first orgasm ever.