Zero Gravity

An 11-year-old Mexican-American girl competes in a middle-school program to control robotic satellites aboard the International Space Station, as part of a nation-wide competition to inspire marginalized youth.

The Pharaohs

Based on the screenplay that won the 2017 DC Shorts Screenwriting competition, The Pharaohs is a fictional dark comedy about a woman in a senior living facility who is rejected by her former friends – a group of “mean girls” – because of her failing health.

The Last Great American Whale

John’s just lost his child. His marriage is falling apart. His career is being taken over by younger, faster, smarter people. So what is he to do? He flees his life for the freedom and adventure of the ocean and a dying American Dream, but a vicious circle always seems to bring him right back to where he started.

That Was Awesome!

When a floor hockey team of adults with special needs gets pushed around one too many times off-the-court, they decide to stand up for themselves on-the-court in the game of a lifetime.

Shad Run

By the 1970s, shad fish numbers were so low that even the most seasoned anglers went home from a day on the river empty-handed. Overfishing, pollution, and a loss of habitat brought on by the construction of dams, threatened American shad not only in the Potomac but all over the east coast. This short documentary film chronicles the abundance, demise, and triumphant return of a native fish, highlighting the citizens who refused to let them fade away and those who are still united by the quest to fish the Potomac’s renowned shad run.


A girl dreams of the way she wishes the world could be… or perhaps the way the world already is.

Remembering Port Chicago

In California’s Bay Area, a painful memory lingers of the Port Chicago disaster of WWII, when hundreds of the Navy’s first black sailors perished.


Late at night in a Westminster bar, principled junior broadsheet journalist Will Hewitt meets with no-nonsense Deputy Finance Minister Pippa Thomas for a routine interview on recent government fines imposed on the world’s largest banks. Their early exchanges spark fireworks as liberal idealist grills conservative elite, but Will’s true intentions are soon revealed as he ambushes Thomas with accusations of financial and political corruption.

Double Tap

Buffy has a secret. She’s in love with her boss, Dan, but can’t admit it, choosing instead to stalk him on Instagram. That is, until she accidentally “double taps” on one of his posts which leads to wildly unsuccessful attempts to cover her tracks. The script on which Double Tap is based was a finalist in the 2017 DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition.

House Party

After a recent loss, a directionless loner named Peter stumbles into a strange but all too familiar party, where a series of unusual encounters force him to face the issues he went there to escape.