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Taubman Sucks

Genre: Documentary  |  Director: Theo Lipfert
Length: 7 mins  |  Country of Origin: USA

Taubman Sucks is the story of Hank Mishkoff, a web designer from Plano Texas, who created a website celebrating the construction of a new mall in his neighborhood. One day he received a letter from a lawfirm  representing the mall’s owner, claiming that he was violating their client’s trademark. When they filed a lawsuit against him, Hank registered a series of internet domain names ending with ‘sucks.com.’ He used these sites to document the case, and the treatment he was receiving. Hank fought the lawsuits all the way to the Appeals Court. After several setbacks, he was ultimately victorious. His case is now the precedent establishing rights for people who use the web to protest, complain, or gripe. This richly visual documentary tells Hank’s ‘David vs. Goliath’ story using an entertaining and humorous style. This is a story where the little guy finally does come out on top!

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